Saturday, August 27, 2011

Columbian's don't own flashlights

Yes, it was last minute but I only needed a few things.  One of which was to buy a 'spare' flashlight.  I emphasize the word spare.   I am still sourer about my adventure yesterday in preparing for the hurricane.

Trip 1# Lowe's - No flashlights
Trip 2# Walmart - No flashlights
Trip 3# An Auto Parts Store - No flashlights

No one in Columbia seems to own a freaking flashlight.

Now, I believe, I should not be the only one in Columbia with a primary flashlight.  I mean come on, isn't a flashlight something every household should own in case of a (Hurricane) emergency.  You know like a first aid kit.  A fighter doesn't go get a first-aid kit before a fight.

Now, I am not too upset because as I mentioned, I am trying to get a spare.  While driving home from the auto parts store, I told my sons that we will just have to rely on 'MY ' silver Maglite.   My son replies, 'Oh your silver one, with the lens broken'.

WTF.  #)!@(#%!#)!@(#

Now, the gravity of the fact that I was not actually picking up a spare but a new primary flashlight has just kicked in full speed.  ... #)!@(#%!#)!@(#

No primary flashlight, and no flashlights in the store.  This is so not cool.  What is not cool is the fact that it was MY flashlight that some broke.  It is not the house, not my husband military issued equipment but the one I brought with MY spending money.  I brought this flashlight, which was a pretty penny,  because it served two purposes. One, as a light and two, as a blunt force object (which right now, I wanted to use it on somebody).  The freaking thing weighed a ton.  I figured in case of emergency its dual purpose could come in handy.

What ticks me off the most is that my husband and kids knew this was MY flashlight and they knew it was broken but failed to convey it to me.  All everyone could say was it has been broke for about a year.  Okay, yeah but you wait for a hurricane to let me know MY flashlight is broken.

I mean I may not sometimes be on top of my game.  However, I do understand the importance of certain items you should have just in case of an emergency.  No, I did not buy the flashlight for the home in case of an emergency but I was sure going to use it for that, and if necessary a weapon of great of power.  Now, I feel in case of a power failure I will be without power (light).  I do have candles but it does not compare to the super bright white light coming for MY Maglite.

After this, I promise myself a new Maglite, a pink if I can find. Let's see how they like walking around with a pink flashlight.

Going to take a nap now and get over it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Old Movie Cliche ... The Guy Gets the Girl or Does He?

I'm getting upset at these movie script writers.  I have seen one too many movies lately where the good guy is not getting the girl at the end.  What the heck, why are they changing the pattern all of sudden.

I mean you sit through two hours of a movie, eating your popcorn with cheese or chocolate and totally intense at the make believe chemistry.  Hoping with every munch of popcorn and all the trials the couple has been through they finally triumph together hand in hand into the sunlight.  When the ending comes, I am crushed because either he is riding off into the sunset or the girl is performing some heroic act on her part and dies.  Is this becoming the new cliche?

I don't want the new cliche bring back the old.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is the water still warm? ... Not new to blogging


You can call me mommifong.  It's a name I picked up from the Wii character I played.  For the short time I was addicted to Wii. In fact, I have had many small addiction.  The biggest addiction I had, I married him.

I am starting an attempt to blog again.  For so many reason, such as,  I love to talk, I want to improve my writing and I need to have a place to bounce thoughts.

You find that I ramble, sometime I try to make a point and never get there but I can be at times very entertaining.  Sooo,  if I ever leave you dangling, please comment and tell me to finish my thought but be specific as to which thought it was.

Why I started this blog adventure today ... Wait, I think I am burning the hot dogs.  Hold on ...  Nope, they were fine.  It's fend for yourself night, but I still offered to make hot dogs since I found that my youngest had left me some hot dog buns. I will tell you about that pet peeve another time. Now, back to why I started the blog again, right.

My wonderful girlfriend who I met at a previous job has been blogging and she makes it seem so easy and I love reading it when I can somehow muster through all the stuff I have and see that she has a new entry.  I feel so bad because she challenge herself to a blog-a-thon, to blog for 30 entries for one month or something like that and I am proud to say she met her goal.  I am so not there yet.  You will be lucky to get a blog out of me once a week.  Shit, back to point.  I always find and think that writing help improve your writing skills as well as help you express yourself.  Which I have no problems doing anyways (expressing myself, writing is the challenge).  So, since my hubby is away for a while, you have my undivided attention and writing.

So, I won't get much into writing tonight.  I just wanted to tip my feet in the water and see if it's still warm.  I'll have to get my thoughts together because I really want to write something that will help me understand me and if you come out of it understand me as well than life is good.